About Us

Antikya that has been aiming to spread the local flavors of these lands to every corner for 10 years, believes in the unifying strength of the tables and offers flavors to cause you to marvel with its rich and natural ingredients in order to turn every tables into the tuck-out.

About Us
Our Team

Antakya gracefully channels its cultural essence, innate purity, and authentic culinary heritage into today's vibrant tables, thanks in part to the remarkable power and ingenuity of its female entrepreneurs. With a strong team and a commitment to collaboration, it proudly presents the homemade regional flavors crafted by skilled Anatolian women who deeply value craftsmanship and natural ingredients. This dedication ensures that freshness and authenticity accompany every dish to your table, complemented by the expertise of talented chefs.

Antikya Culinary Heritage

These tables set by the crops of Anatolian fertile lands, have fed the people of many nations for centuries.

Delicious and fragrant foods are cooked every day at these lands where the civilizations have come to life. These lands that have hosted many civilizations since B.C. 300, have brought the most precious cultural treasures into present. Rich Antakya cuisine, which includes the unique codes of many civilizations in history scene such as; Hittites, Egyptians, Urartian and Assyrians, has managed to stand out as the capital city of the flavors for centuries. Antakya which has a rooted and rich cuisine culture, is our national value registered as UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

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