Hatay Handmade Surk Spiced Cottage Cheese

No additives in our fresh cottage cheese included. No colorants, preserver, acid regulator and flavoring included. It is completely natural and handmade.

All of our products are produced under hygienic conditions and the hygienic production conditions are registered with TSE Covid-19 safe production certificate.

Product Price: 50
(5 Adet - 100 gr)

Ingredients of the Product:

Fresh cottage cheese, red pepper paste (sweet), chili pepper, cumin, salt, thyme, black cumin, olive oil.

Preparation of the Product:

It is a local cheese unique to Hatay region. It is made from the cottage cheese that is obtained by boiling the remaining buttermilk after getting the butter of it, at the regions where butter is produced from milk or yoghurt with advanced acidity. It is kneaded with spices such as thyme, cumin, chili pepper, black cumin and a little red pepper paste and shaped. Cottage cheeses are placed on the trays after they are shaped and the tray is closed with a thin cloth, dried at an airy place in the shade. Our products are packaged under hygienic conditions.


You may present the flavor of Surk Spiced Cottage Cheese, that introduces you with the flavors of civilization tables, at your hosting’s and celebrations with real pleasure to your loved ones.

Storage Conditions:

It is needed to be stored in dry and cool places. You can for a while store surk cheese for a while by putting it to the glass of plastic storage box. It is advised to be consumed in a short time after delivery.

Delivery Type:

Our product is packaged as 5 each. Our triangular pastry filled with spinach is offered for sale with suitable food packages in order not to be damaged while delivery. It is stored and shipped in a Styrofoam box with ice gel.

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